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Summarizing just a small bit of my published and unpublished work.

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Someday day soon, you, too, will read my new manuscript--my novel.  Or you can jump ahead and ask me about its content today.


Publishers, editors, and agents, here's the link to my contact form.


Nii Parkes e-mailed, "I found [your manuscript] interesting and disturbing in equal measure, which is - I think - what you were going for. . . . I think its consistency alone indicates that it is good.  So, I'm going to be brutally honest with you - your book has what it takes to make it into print."  (Jonathan Cape, a Random House imprint, published Nii's novel Tail of the Bluebird in 2009.)  And Kevin Killian at Krupskaya Books wrote, "The 'novel of witness' is very much what people want to read nowadays, so I expect you won't have much trouble finding a publisher who will really be able to market and distribute your book for you."


Max Ledbetter, Ph.D.