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My novel Unfinished Surveillance: A Novel of Witness is now available on Amazon


Recent popular works on schizophrenia have not portrayed the thoughts (the delusions, auditory hallucinations, and paranoia--the minds) of the disease victims. Unfinished Surveillance, on the other hand, is a literary simulation of the dynamic interplay among delusions arising from severe mental illness and from violence in the news and maps a psychotic's journey throughout Canada and the United States (the university, the research station, the Inside Passage and the drug war, the streets, bars, bus stations, airports, missions, and seedy motels) and beyond, to Greece, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland, and the Equatorial Pacific. It will gather a readership among scientists, physicians, students, disabled persons, and fans of complex fiction. Upon reading the the novel, you will perhaps appreciate its gut-level phenomenology of one specific form of educated insanity.


Max Ledbetter, Ph.D.